#perfektermix (the perfect match) encourages shoppers to express the different sides of their personality - through two different sneaker styles - just like they might in a favorite mixtape. And the campaign unites fashion with music while capturing both what’s eternally youthful and essentially nostalgic about sneakers.

The heart of the campaign is a short promotional video linking sneakers to musical genres from Rock to Pop to Hip Hop
while suggesting the iconic 80s song-and-dance film, Footloose.

The video was broadcast on Facebook and display advertising in a variety of genre-specific formats. Combined with a live dance contest event in Hamburg, the colorful, eye-catching summer campaign generated buzz and gave our client the boost they were looking for.

eBay Germany

Concept and Production
Moskito Design, 2017

Director and Editor

Andrea De Taddeo

Valerio Sacchetto

Andrea Piccirillo (also choreographer)
Annalisa Vancini
Brando Mercado
Barbara Pedrazzi

Luca Termine

Federico Sassi

Backstage Photographer, Runner
Manuel Cazzola

Bianca Barza Mua

Location and Scenography
Village - Teatri di posa e scenografie, Milano

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